Chemicals are crucial tools for the maintenance of pools, and we're experts in them. At Crystal Clear Leisure, we are well-stocked with a wide variety of chemicals from many different brands, including Fi-Clor, Relax by PlasticaLo-Chlor and many others. We sell both chlorine and non-chlorine products, as well as chemicals designed to treat specific problems in pools, spas and hot tubs. Scroll down for more information on our products.


Above are just a few of our wide range of products, which include:

Chlorine Products - the most basic of chemicals, we sell chlorine in a wide range of quantities and types. We sell both regular and shock chlorine, in tablet and granule form, as well as shock liquid. We can provide you with anything from small 1kg tubs to 25kg barrels of chlorine, so whether you've got a 30ft pool or a 5ft inflatable spa, we have the right product for you. Chlorine is a great disinfectant, and has been used for decades in order to sanitise and disinfect pools. We also sell Bromine, a similar chemical to chlorine that has extra stability. Shock chlorine gives a strong hit to any nasties in the pool and can help improve clarity of the water.

Non-Chlorine Alternatives: We sell Blue Crystal, AquaBlanc and Fi-Clor chemical alternatives to chlorine. For people with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies to Chlorine, these can be extremely useful as they do not cause the same chemical reactions as Chlorine, but as they use negative ions, still are able to produce the same effect.  While they can be a little more expensive than chlorine, most users find that the benefits of the gentler chemicals that they contain outweigh the small extra cost.

pH-adjusters: These allow you to control how acid/alkaline the pool is and keep your pool at the recommended level of pH 7.2-7.6. This allows your chemical disinfectant (chlorine) to be at its most effective, and also stops the corrosion of pipes in your pool or hot tub.

Algaecide - Chemicals to prevent the growth of algae, and kill off any that does grow in the pool.

Flocculent - These chemicals cause small particulates in the pool to gather together, making pools much easier to clean and removing phosphates from the water - important as phosphates help algae to grow.

Winterising Chemicals - These allow you to shut down your pool over winter, while keeping issues such as algae growth at bay over the period in which you are not using the pool.

Problem-solving chemicals - We also stock a number of chemicals designed to combat specific problems, such as stain and scale inhibitorstain remover, leak sealing, and water chemicals, as well as many others.