Each Cove Spa throughout the range is made with the same craftsmanship and quality.  Hand-made using the finest materials available often seen on more expensive spas, Cove Spas represent superb value offering simple, uncomplicated relaxation.

The Cove Impulse series offers true Training Room Whirlpool Therapy (TR) to first-time buyers, or for second-time buyers looking to simplify.  With two sizes available, you can opt for a 250 gallon, 31" deep Impulse, which can fit through a standard doorway or a 300 gallon 35" deep Impulse DB.  All Nordic TR spas include the unique dual-therapy system turbo.

The Impulse can seat four adults comfortably, while the Impulse DP seats five adults comfortably.


The Cove Retreat offers unprecedented value.  With seating for five, this spa can help you create quality family time or simply offer sanctuary from every day stress to couples or individuals.  Powerful jets provide invigorating hydrotherapy to tense areas of the body.  Plus, Nordic's exclusive dual-therapy system (DTS) offers a gentler, whole-body therapy to complement those traditional, more targeted jets.

The versatile bench seat can be used as full body massage from the Whirlpool Jet.  The Retreat also has an illuminated waterfall plus the Northern Lights LEDs and cabinet downlighters on each corner to make the Retreat spa the best value.


Height - 34"
Length - 80"
Width - 70"

When you want to spend time with the family and make "staying home this weekend" a pleasure, consider a Cove Escape R. Designed with Training Room Whirlpool Therapy These family sized models seat six adults or many more youngsters.  Simply designed with surprising affordability, this model is great value with superior high volume design.

The Special Edition Cove Encore provides provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy with energy efficiency in mind.  34 jets and a super sized pump make for a therapeutic experience few can match for any amount of money.  Included in this Special Edition package is a 7 colour LED light, stainless steel Jets, and Nordic's therapeutic DTS system DTS system for maximum therapy.