At Crystalclear Leisure, we supply and install quality outdoor pool enclosures and buildings that, as well as enhancing the appearance of your pool, can help reduce maintenance and running costs.

The obvious maintenance advantages include the fact that the pool is covered from above - so you won't ever have to worry about leaves in the pool, and you won't be getting rain into the pool, reducing your chemical cost correcting changes to the water balance caused by the rain. Heating costs are also reduced in the summer, as the enclosure will help to warm the pool through an effect similar to that of a greenhouse (but, thankfully, not as oppressively hot!). As well as helping in summer, you can get more out of your pool in winter, since the enclosure keeps the heat in, and the elements out of the pool. And if the weather is good, some models are retractable, allowing you to experience the pool as if it were fully outdoors

The cost is less than you'd think too, with some, including the popular aquacomet range by Certikin, being less expensive than the equivalent retractable pool safety cover that is often used as an alternative covering. Contact us for more information on the pool buildings and enclosures we can provide (including aquacomet by Certikin and Poolcover ranges), and to get a site visit for a quote.