All heaters need a pump and filter system to operate, and the size and output of the heater is based on the pool volume/size.  There are different options available for the many types of pools, so there will always be a heater to fit your needs.  With any heating system, it is vital that you use a cover to prevent heat and water loss to reduce energy consumption..

Electric swimming pool heaters offer an exceptionally efficient and cost effective way to heat pool water when compared to fuel heaters.

We have a handy guide to show you the types of heaters needed for different size and types of pools.  Please click here for the in-ground pool guide, and click here for the above ground pool guide.


Heat Seeker Heat Pump.jpg

The Heat Seeker heater is produced by one of the world's largest heat pump manufacturers, and has been designed with a unique fan to ensure it is whisper quiet.  It also has a programmable digital display which allows the precise control of pool temperature, and can be installed remotely to allow easy operation.  It is easy to install and is one of the most energy efficient electric heaters available.

NANO 3kW Heater.JPG

Elecro heaters are another easy option.  They are plug and play and are able to be floor or vertically wall mounted. Each one is built using robust, durable materials and uses stainless steel for the flow tubes.  Every heater also has a safety thermal cut-out that can be manually reset should the need arise.

Thermalec Heater.png

Thermalec heaters utilise a unique spiral flow system to heat the water uniformly within the heater and prevents cold water from directly cooling the elements.  The heater is built using solid and robust materials that are very resistant to pool chemicals to allow for a longer life.  The heating elements are always submerged in water which stops bubbles from reaching the elements and causing damage.  Is also features no noise, fumes or moving parts.