Safety is a huge concern when purchasing a pool.  There are a number of different options available that we can provide to prevent injury and ensure your pool is as safe as possible, from pool covers to rubber flooring.


Automatic Pool Covers

Although primarily a safety cover that can support children, pets and even adults should they accidentally walk on it, automatic pool covers also offer a number of other benefits:

  • Good heat retention which in turn reduces energy consumption
  • Prevents dirt/debris entering the pool when it is not in use
  • Reduces chemical consumption by sealing the pool and protecting from UV ray
  • Easy to open at the push of a button
  • Track options available to suit different  pool installations.

Manual Pool Covers

These have similar benefits to automatic covers, but require you to open the pool with either a hand or motorised crank.  Manual covers are also relatively low maintenance in comparison

These covers have limited track options so the cover will run along the outside edges of the pool.



Rubber Flooring

Our newest safety product is rubber flooring for the surroundings of indoor and outdoor pools and areas. Using Rosehill TPV technology, rubber granules are compacted to create a strong surface that is less slippery and is softer than tiles or wooden decking, so accidents are less likely and any injuries that should arise are limited. The rubber granules come in a multitude of colours, and can be "mixed and matched" to create a unique surface. Site visit required for quotations.

Pool Fencing

One of the best options available is a roll-up fence.  Made up of 1m wide sections of a strong plastic coated polymer mesh and aluminium uprights, it can be put up and taken down in next to no time.  Each section slots into ground fixings and joins together with connectors.  When you wish to use the pool, you can either take the whole fence down and roll it up for easy storage, or you can just remove one section to create a "gate".  Plugs are supplies so that when the whole fence is removed, the holes where the ground fixings are can be covered.