Pumps are crucial to your pool's performance, allowing the circulation of water, and using the correct pump will not only make your water clearer but also save you hundreds of pounds a year. It's tempting just to put the most powerful pump that you can afford in your pool, but massive power is not necessarily always the best choice for you - if your pool is not the right size, it can be counterproductive - you wouldn't put an F1 engine in a Ford Fiesta! At Crystal Clear Leisure, our expert can make sure that you have the pump best for you, taking power, energy efficiency and economy into consideration. Below we've got some of our more popular models - but if you've got queries about any that you've seen, get in touch with us.

The Aquaspeed 100 ECO - V is equipped with the very latest variable speed, permanent magnet brushless motor.  The three variable speed settings comprise low speed for standard filtration, medium speed for use with automatic suction cleaners and high speed for manual vacuuming and backwashing.  Each of the three speeds can be programmed to ensure that the performance is the most efficient and cost effective.  It's ideal for new installations and retro fit as the connections are exactly the same as the single speed Aquaspeed, making it easy to install, as well as being great value for money.

One of our favourite pumps, and also one of our most popular, is the Sta-Rite pump, made from reinforced fibreglass. The pump is a great machine, which performs brilliantly under high pressure, up to 4 bar! With a stainless steel shaft and bearings that, by design, are sealed in and permanently lubricated, the pump runs cool for a longer life, and comes from 0.5HP to 3HP.

A similar pump to the Aquaspeed is the Viron eVO Pump, which like the Aquaspeed has variable speeds, but has extra programming functions, and can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90% according to the manufacturer Certikin.

For a cheaper alternative for an above-ground pool, the Pentair Freeflo (manufactured by Plastica) is a well-priced quality machine that has a range of pumps from 1/3 HP to 1.5 HP